Today I realise that it has been exactly one year since I was lucky enough to travel through beautiful Egypt with Topdeck Tours. After stepping off my plane in Cairo, Egypt quickly became my favourite travel destination simply due to the fact that there really is no other place in the world quite like it (in my opinion). It is that one place that when I sit back and reflect on it I can’t help but smile and think to myself how truly lucky I am to have been able to explore this beautiful country in my lifetime.

Prior to booking this tour I have to admit I was a bit hesitant simply due to all the negative media coverage that Egypt had been however, I have never really been one to believe everything the media is telling me so I pushed through those fears, did my research, and booked my trip with a tour group that I felt most comfortable with.

To celebrate one year post Egypt I have decided to share the highlights from my trip for anyone looking to travel to Egypt who aren’t really sure on what sites they would like to see.

  1. Abu Simbel Temples 



Now don’t let these photos take away from the fact that these guys are gigantic!

Created during the reign of Ramesses II the stunning Abu Simbel temples are two massive rock monuments at Abu Simbel, a village in Nubia. To get to the temples myself and my fellow Topdeck travel companions took a short boat ride across Lake Nasser where we then met up with our private tour guide who taught us all about the history of the temples before we were then allowed to go inside where each of us were in awe of the gorgeous lighted walkways and Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Unfortunately taking photos inside the temples is prohibited so I am unable to share that side of the temples with you however, all the more reason for you to visit the temples and experience them for yourself!

 2. Great Sphinx of Giza 


Carved out of limestone with the body of a lion and the head of an Egyptian king, The Great Sphinx of Giza is guaranteed to not disappoint.

Now don’t be fooled. Although most photos give off the impression that The Sphinx is almost as large at the pyramids. It is actually quite small in comparison however that does not take away from the beauty of it and its uniqueness. When you’re done taking your classic Sphinx kissing photo, turn around and walk a few metres to go grab yourself a slice of Pizza Hut pizza (literally)!

3. Luxor Temple


Built approximately 1400 BCE located on the east bank of the Nile River sits the absolutely breath taking Luxor Temple.

Do I really need to explain why this beauty has made its way to this list? Out of all my experiences in Egypt I have to say that seeing the Luxor Temple was my absolute favourite. I highly recommend you visit it at night time if you get the chance. Although the temple is still beautiful during the day there is just something about the way it looks with all the lights lit up against the beautiful Egyptian night sky.

4. The Great Pyramids of Giza 


It seems almost absurd to travel to Egypt without visiting the Great Pyramids of Giza. Constructed approximately 4,500 years ago the pyramids are definitely living up to their expectation to endure an eternity.

It was when I was standing in front of these ancient creations that I had that moment of “Omg you’re in Egypt”

Trying to put into words how incredible they are is proving to be quite difficult because on the day that I saw them for myself I couldn’t do anything but stand and just stare in awe.  They truly are one of the most unique creations man has ever made. I highly recommend that after you are able to snap yourself out of it and come back to reality you make the most of your time at the pyramids and go for a wander inside. I can guarantee it is not what you would expect.

Are you interested in visiting Egypt for yourself? I highly recommend going with Topdeck tours. There was something very comforting about going with this tour group and being linked with an Egyptian guide made the trip all the more amazing.

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