My recent trip home to rural NSW, Australia, had my heart soaring, due to the serenity I felt here. The country provides so much natural beauty and the small country towns of Australia are truly charming and a definite sight to see.

I couldn’t allow myself to journey home without stopping past the historical town, Beechworth, Victoria. It’s well-preserved historical buildings, nature spots, and rustic shops and cafes, make it a popular tourist destination. I used to spend my weekends here when I lived in the country and no matter how often I visited, I continued to love this beautiful town. Here are some highlights I recommend you experience if you decide to make the trip to Beechworth yourself!

Woolshed Falls

One of the highlights of Beechworth, is the stunning Woolshed Waterfalls. I spend hours here taking in the natural scenery, listening to the music of the stream, swimming and observing the rock mazes that the waterfall has created over the years. It is absolutely blissful and the waterfall plunges down into a natural pool which leads into a Valley surrounded by the mountains.

I highly recommended visiting in the early morning on a weekday, as you will most likely get this space all to yourself for a short while. The weekends, especially in the warmer months, become quite busy with traveller’s and families spending the day here and going for a swim.

Newtown Falls

The smaller waterfall of Beechworth, but still just as magical is Newtown Falls. You will find it hiding off the side of the mountain on the outskirts of the town. It’s definitely worth stopping off and taking a look.

Beechworth Bakery

The famous Beechworth Bakery is the perfect place to stop off and get some lunch or a desert for the road. The bakery has been feeding townsfolk and travellers delicious food since 1974. Their pies are divine, and I highly recommend their Beesting for any desert lovers out there (I’m not a huge desert person but I still recommend).

The Beechworth Sweet Co

The Beechworth Sweet Co is one of the sweetest little lolly shops I have ever discovered. I remember going here on school excursions when I was a little girl, so it’s always a fun time to stop by again as an adult and reminisce. They have an extensive variety of sweets, homemade chocolates and truffles, as well as boiled lollies. I personally love their homemade vegan chocolates!

Ned Kelly  

Walk in the footsteps of Australia’s most famous outlaw Ned Kelly. Ned Kelly and his gang had many links to Beechworth, after having spent time in Beechworth Prison. If this interests you, you can explore the courthouse where Kelly stood before the court and just down the road is Beechworth Prison itself.

Aaron Sherritt and Joe Byrne who were members of the Kelly Gang came from Woolshed just outside of Beechworth.


Further explore the footsteps of Ned Kelly and his gang, by taking a short 40-minute drive to Glenrowan. Glenrowan is most commonly known as the location that the famous Ned Kelly shoot out took place. Just a short drive from the towns centre you will find the exact location that the shootout took place and literally be able to walk the earth where their feet were once planted.

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